Our First Home


On September 1st 2017 we bought our very first home…

Lets go back to the beginning July of 2017. My husband Bub and I have been looking for a house something not too big or too small, We were open to anything Condo, Townhouse or a single family if the price was right of course.

After spending the majority of the summer searching for the “Perfect home”  We just stopped looking.  About two weeks passed and I got a phone call from Bub he said I found the house! Now before we get into that Bub actually works as a general contractor and the house he was looking at was for a renovation project for a potential client. The client knew that Bub and I were searching for a house but at the time he was flipping too many homes so he offered Bub the house for a very good price. Okay now back to the phone call. He sent me a few pictures of the house and almost immediately I said “there is no way I am living in that house”. Bub picked me up that day and took my parents and I to the house and again I said Absolutely No. The only thing in the house I really liked was the huge backyard. That weekend my parents and Bub kept talking about what a good investment opportunity this house since it is in a very good location. Bub and I talked that night and we made the decision. Lets do it. Since my Dad is a realtor everything ran smoothly for bub and I to get this house.
This is where it gets messy.  This house was actually an auction and was sold with all of the furniture in the house. This is what it looked like after we purchased it.

We spent the following weeks taking trips to the dump, Selling furniture and cleaning up the house. Bub has a full time job so everyday after work he decided to work on the house. The first project was the kitchen. We tore down the wall separating the dining room and kitchen to make it an open concept style kitchen Below are the after pictures of how the kitchen turned out. BTW This took about 1 month for completion. Stay Tuned for my next post… The bathroom renovation!

IMG-0068 (2)
This is the view after the wall was torn down

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