Bureaucracy Bureaucracy!

About a week ago a co-worker and dear friend unexpectedly passed away. When I heard about this news it shook me to the core.  He could not have passed away I just saw him a few days ago.  I broke down.

I didn’t realize how much of an impact he made in my life until he passed away.

The Puff Pastry lesson

One day I decided to make a ham and cheese puff pastry pie. I walked into whole foods and walked directly to the frozen section of the store to look for puff pastry. There were tons of choices,  but a voice in my head said: “You must always get an all-butter puff pastry from Dufour”. I looked around and there was no one around me. Steve would always tell me that Dufour had the best puff pastry because of its flakiness, high quality and also have butter listed as the first ingredient. He also would say it was worth the splurge. To this day anytime I buy a puff pastry it is Dufour.

German Chocolate Cake

Its Pronounced Her-Man he said. During a staff meeting, Steve said: “I brought a treat to share with everyone”. He brought out a plastic cake carrier and as soon as he opened it the aroma of chocolate filled the room. He started to cut the cake, revealing the layers of coconut pecan frosting. The cake was amazing everyone exclaimed. Someone asked what is the recipe for this GERMAN chocolate cake and he said Its pronounced as HER MAN chocolate cake.

Homemade Whipped cream only Never cool whip

Steve always mentioned how easy it was to make whipped cream. It only needed 3 ingredients and he never understood why people would buy pre-made whipped cream like cool whip. It only needed powdered sugar, Heavy whipping cream, and a good quality Vanilla extract. He mentioned he would only use Nielson Massey for his recipes.


iPhones are too complicated!

Steve absolutely despised when people were all caught up in their iPhones. He said how people were in a totally different world and they didn’t notice the things happening around them. He then told me a story about a woman who was on her phone while crossing the street and fell in a pothole. He said he only needs a phone that can just use to call people and receive calls and nothing else.


When I started working in the office I was 19 years old. I actually got along with the older people in the office and looked up to them a lot. In the 7 years, I was honored to have Steve as a friend.  He shared his love of food and science with his co-workers and there will always be a part of Steve inside of all of us.


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