The Baked Bear Review!

Summer is almost here!

I have literally been counting down the days so that I can have the most epic cheat day EVER!  The Baked Bear is finally open! When Bub and I arrived, there was a line forming out the door so I knew it had to be good. As we got closer to the line I got a peek at the menu, I WANTED EVERYTHING!



I got a cookie dough ice cream sandwich with an M&M cookie and a funfetti cookie. It was DELISH! You start off by picking a cookie, the best part about this step is that you can mix and match cookie flavors. They also have doughnut ice cream sandwiches and you can sub a cookie for a brownie.  After that you get to pick an ice cream flavor and toppings. This is your chance to get creative. Bub opted for a white chocolate macadamia cookie with mint chip ice cream drizzled with hot caramel.  They also have vegan options! Make sure you get your sandwich hot pressed.  Bub loved the cookies so much we bought a dozen of them. You can buy day old cookies for 6 bucks!  If you are in the area make time to visit this amazing place,  you won’t be disappointed!


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