First impressions with Furbo​

Do you have a fur baby at home and you wonder what they do all day? Say no more You need a Furbo!

Furbo is this cool camera to keep at eye on your pet from the Furbo app. The best part? You can even toss treats!furbo

The Furbo usually retails for $199.99 but it has been on sale several times on Amazon. I was able to get one for about $130 during the Cyber Monday sale. The Furbo is really easy to set up and sync to your WiFi.

The most difficult part was choosing the perfect location to place the Furbo. It had to be high enough that our puppy wouldn’t chew on the cord and a place where I could see the couch and my front door. The Furbo has some really awesome features! “Smart Alerts” notifies you when a person is detected, “Dog Selfie” notifies you if your dog is standing in front of the camera and waiting for a treat and “Dog Activity” notifies you if your dog is being active.  Another new feature is the “Dog Diary” which sends you a video of everything your dog did that day.

I love that Furbo sends you a notification when your dog is barking so you can check on what is going on and even send them treats.

Here are a few snapshots I captured while using the Furbo.


This was probably the best investment I got for my dog. It gives you peace of mind to see what they are doing while you are away.

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