Pinball Date


Pinball?  Is that even a thing anymore?

My husband and I went to check out Vuk in Bethesda, Maryland. Vuk is a pizza and pinball arcade. If you live in Montgomery County, you have probably heard of Mom’s Organic market, well the man behind Mom’s is also the man behind Vuk!

When we walked in it was like we went back in time. There was loud rock music playing and a room lined with pinball machines. They also have an outdoor patio and plenty of seating areas. Since we’re huge Game of Thrones fans, we of course we gravitated to the Game of Thrones pinball machine. The games all cost 50 cents so bring tons of quarters!

The pizza was really delicious. My husband and I are big pizza fans so we tried to eat an entire pizza. They have two choices, New York style thin crust or deep dish Sicilian, We opted for the Sicilian (IT WAS ALSO OUR CHEAT MEAL).  The sauce was seasoned very well. We could taste all the herbs and the crust was thick but not too doughy.

My favorite part of the whole experience was the ice cream! They serve Trickling Springs Creamery Ice cream (which happens to be one of my faves). I’m lactose intolerant but for some odd reason this ice cream doesn’t not make me sick :).

Here are some pics of our date night.







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