Rockhill Orchard

Summer is coming! That can only mean one thing: ICE CREAM!

Last year, my family and I decided to explore farms in the area that make ice cream. There is actually a whole program dedicated to this called the Maryland Ice Cream Trail! I had no idea but Maryland is home to nine dairy farms that offer freshly made ice cream.

The first farm we visited, Rock Hill Orchard, was one of the closest farms to our home. What really sets Rock Hill Orchard apart is that they use the milk of Golden Guernsey cows. The cows are grass-fed and their milk contains double the amount of Omega 3 and a higher amount of beta carotene, which gives the milk a golden color. I am actually Lactose intolerant but since this ice cream is a cow to cone  I decided to not take my lactose pill as a test. The Results? I didn’t have any stomach pains or bloating!

The creamery has original flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry but they also have seasonal flavors depending on the fresh ingredients available on the farm. After sampling almost every flavor available, I opted for a scoop of dark chocolate and one of strawberry. Since strawberries are in season, the strawberry flavor had huge chunks of fresh strawberries which complimented the dark chocolate flavor! Sprinkles, hot fudge and whipped cream are all complimentary!

After enjoying our ice cream, we decided to take a walk to see the cows. The cows have tons of land and grass to graze on. You can also bottle feed the calves every day at 4 pm!

If you are in the mood to try one of the best ice creams I’ve ever had, make sure to visit Rock Hill Orchard to see everything it has to offer.


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