My Workout Essentials

If you follow me on my Instagram you would know I am OBSESSED with working out.  I take spin classes, lift weights, and do a lot of stretching. Nothing is worse than leaving the gym not feeling accomplished, here are my workout essentials:

If you take spin classes regularly  I strongly recommend getting a pair of cycle shoes. When I first started taking spin classes I would use my normal gym shoes and they were heavy and hard to sprint with. I finally gave in and bought my spin shoes and they made a huge difference in my workout. Not only do they provide support for your feet, but they also are super light and let you sprint super fast on the bike. The shoes I recommend are the Shimano RP3 Bike Shoe, They are on the pricey side but they are worth it if you are committed to indoor cycling.

My favorite lifting exercises are Bench Pressing, Dead lifts, and Squats. I usually lift either barefoot or with my Chuck Taylor Converse shoes.  When I power lift barefoot it allows me to use every single inch of my feet which helps a lot with my stability. It also helps keep my form and reminds me to push through my heels. When I power lift I like to use my converses. They allow me to stay close to the ground and exert energy into the ground.

Staying hydrated is very important especially when working out. My favorite way to stay hydrated is by using my Swell Bottle. I take my bottle everywhere with me from work to the gym and even on road trips. It keeps my water cold for 24 hours and warms for 12 hours. They also have 3 different sizes to chose from, I personally like the 25 OZ because I drink a lot of water. They are trendy, and they come in many different colors and patterns and you can also personalize them on their website! The water bottle I have is the White Marble 25OZ.

For my workouts, I like to stay focused and the way I do that is by using my Apple Airpods. They are completely wireless and allow you move around freely without any wires sticking out of your phone.  They don’t fall out of your ear when you are doing burpees which is amazing.

When I finish my power lifting workouts I usually leave with big  callouses on the palms of my hands. Sound familiar? After getting terrible callouses on my hands I decided to get some weightlifting gloves. These were probably the best investment EVER. They also help grip the bar  and help with alleviating pressure from performing dead lifts.

The most difficult item to find for my workout was a gym bag. I wanted something with a lot of pockets and space to put my laptop. After shopping around I went to Lululemon and fell in love with the Urban Sanctuary bag.  I wish they still made this bag but they have a style similar to the bag I have. Lululemon gym bags are on the pricier side, but to give you an example of how long they last and how well made they are , I have had mine since 2014 and it still looks brand new. I recommend the bag that is similar to the Urban Sanctuary bag which is the Go Getter Bag by Lululemon.

For my workout clothes I usually use a mixture of Lululemon and Target gear. Target usually has cute muscle tees that range anywhere from $10-15. They are lightweight and super comfy, and you can also wear them casually.  My absolute favorite pair of pants from lululemon are the Align pants. They are super soft and you wont even realize you are wearing any pants.

*Comment below what your workout essentials are*