My Soul Cycle Experience

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you’ve seen that I have been attending Soul Cycle for about 3 months now.

I first started taking regular spin classes at my local gym, and I loved it! I would attend spin class around 3 times a week. I started feeling unmotivated and felt like I hit a plateau. Then I stopped going to spin class for a few months and found Crossfit. I am still currently going to CrossFit and love it, but I was missing the spin class or some sort of cardio.

My best friend and I have always been curious about SoulCycle and made it a New Year’s resolution to try it out. On a Monday at 12pm, when classes open up for the following week, we signed up for our first SoulCycle class. We were both really nervous about attending our first class. It seemed kind of intimidating, especially since the clientele is mostly celebs.

When we got into the studio, I was nervcited. We were greeted at the front desk, signed a waiver, proceeded to get our spin shoes, and went to the coed locker room. We put our stuff away and got ready for class. The class before ours came out around the same time we arrived, and they were completely soaked. I was stunned to see all the different kinds of people that attend classes. I always thought everyone at SoulCycle would look super in shape. SoulCycle is for everyone!

As we set up our bikes, the instructor welcomed all the first time riders. The room was dark, candlelit and the music was very loud. We started the workout and OMG! The choreography was fun, the music was terrific, the atmosphere and energy were amazing. We did hills, sprints, and even an arm track where we used dumbbells. When the class was over, my friend and I came out completely drenched in sweat. I was hooked!

I consider myself relatively new since I have only been attending classes for 3 months, but I have noticed that I have seen a change in my mental and physical self. I was always self-conscious about how I looked or (thought) I looked just wearing a sports bra and leggings for workouts. I feel like SoulCycle has really helped me accept that we all have different body types. Instead of comparing yourself or putting yourself down, to just embrace yourself and be thankful for your body.


If you are anything like me (a busy body), it’s hard to turn our brains off and be present. SoulCycle has provided me with a safe place to be myself and turn my mind off. The instructors are all inspirational and motivating.  Try SoulCycle you won’t be disappointed!